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Programa Velasco is an educational and empowerment program for families whose children are enrolled in Centro Hogar, a pre-school within AsociaciĆ³n Nuevo Amanecer de El Salvador (New Dawn Association of El Salvador); located in San Ramon, Mejicanos, just outside of San Salvador. Programa Velasco has three branches, the Scholarship Program for Children, the Parents’ Personal Formation and Development Program and Community Savings and Lending Program for Women.

Parents involved in Programa Velasco 2011

Programa Velasco began in December 2007 when Juan Velasco, a professor from Santa Clara University lived in El Salvador and taught with the university’s study aboard program, Casa de la Solidaridad. Annie Boyd, a close friend to Juan and Casa alum, worked on the Casa staff as well as a social worker at Centro Hogar. Together, Juan and Annie desired to create an opportunity for more children to attend the school as well as bring awareness of the Salvadoran reality to the international community. Juan found an interest in contributing towards a child’s educational expenses within Centro Hogar. Juan shared this idea with his family and friends who then chose to sponsor a child. Shortly thereafter, those contributors spread the idea and opportunity to support Programa Velasco. From Juan’s guidance and initiative to develop the program, the staff at Centro Hogar named the program after him. Within three years, Programa Velasco has grown to support more than 70 children through the contributions of sponsors and a number of anonymous donors from the United States, Canada, and Spain.

Parents involved in Programa Velasco 2010

Sponsors of Programa Velasco offer children an empowering and generous gift of education and personal development by contributing to the children's school tuition. Families strongly value education as a means to break free from the oppressive bonds of poverty. However, many Salvadoran families are not able to afford early education, elementary or high school expenses. Programa Velasco seeks to provide opportunities for young children to develop self confidence in academic work, necessary educational skills as well as an appreciation for school and learning. Parents and family members also benefit and grow from formative workshops centered on parenting and self empowerment. Sponsors make a monthly contribution of $30 and Salvadoran families pay $12 for one child's tuition. Details of the scholarship and contribution can be found in Support a Child

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Children in Programa Velasco, 2009

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